Daniel van Wijgerden

Experienced ITSM & IT Governance Consultant OGD ICT Diensten

My goal is to make things better. I believe that through engaging your customers you forge a bond of co-operation that will last. With a background as an educator and a years of experience in ITSM, I sit on the sweet spot between people and technology. I believe that IT can greatly improve how people do their jobs, how students learn, and make knowledge available to a greater audience. IT has a way of unlocking potential previously untapped, but only when used in the right manner. I believe in teaching through learning, and am always open to new, exciting, and unconventional ways of making things better.

I love a challenge and wrapping my head around the toughest cases. Your cases. Make your problem my problem and we shall solve it together.

My specialties?

– Process Design & Improvement (based on ITILv3)
– Optimising IT and business alignment (such as via a Service Catlogue)
– Coaching teams towards operational excellence
– Ad interim Service & Team Management
– Consultancy on Service Delivery challenges
– Service Solution Design
– Supplier Management